Bill Miranda Interview

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The Bill Miranda Leadership Center is a professional development and management training organization.  Our mission is to provide Latino individuals with the skills to develop themselves as successful entrepreneurial leaders.  We seek to supply the Latino community with proven techniques and advice from individuals in Corporate America that have led successful careers.

We know there are many cultural and language issues unique to Latinos.  Our programs are all meant to help Latinos bridge the gaps of culture and language so we can learn at more rapid rates.  Querer es Poder (where there’s a will there’s a way) is an important statement to us.  We help those who have “querer” to find their “poder.”

Leaders are made not born.  Get started on the right track.  Let our leadership experts make you into the successful leader you want to be.  We provide our clients with education, skills training and coaching in the principles of leadership and their application.  We believe a leader should be a whole person one who is of sound body, mind and character.  We believe personal leadership comes before team leadership, which comes before organizational leadership.  So we start developing personal leaders first.

Our highly experienced team offers business owners and professionals the tools they need to triumph in our business environment.   Those tools include:  business planning and financing, marketing and sales strategies, management and leadership development.

Our goal is to help business owners and professionals develop and build the leadership and management skills required to succeed in today’s business environment.  Our management training programs are geared to help you do just that.  We hope that you take advantage of our extensive high quality programs.

“Invest in Your Success!”

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