• Earning enough money to pay all your bills and still have lots left over to invest and enjoy.
  • Being organized and managing priorities so that things actually get done and you don’t feel stressed out.
  • Putting in a full day at work, but not full nights because those are meant for family and fun.

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Our Mission at Bill Miranda Consulting is to provide our clients with the tools, focus and motivation to succeed.

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Profiles in Latino Courage

Profiles in Latino Courage: How Everyday Latinos Achieve Success

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Be inspired, educated and motivated to succeed! This book tells the story of 7 incredible individuals who overcame enormous challenges to succeed in business and in life. How did they do it? What are their secret and not so secret actions that took them from despair to happiness? Bill Miranda answers those questions and many more in these riveting, emotional stories of the courage it takes to succeed both in business and in life. Laugh, cry, love and be inspired as the book’s heroes share their experiences with you. After you read this book you will have a road map to your own success and a motivation to actively seek it now.

Author – Bill Miranda

To purchase digital or book format, click here.

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